Traitor, Treason, Treachery, or Mere Trumpery

A president can be impeached, tried, and removed from office for “high crimes and misdemeanors,” including bribery and treason. That seems clear on the surface, but what specific acts fall within these categories? Well, that is less clear, but a lot of hints are out there. Let’s consider a couple of examples. Bribery seems clear-cut. You … More Traitor, Treason, Treachery, or Mere Trumpery

Stranded Assets and Planetary Liabilities

When investment banks talk of the known reserves of oil and gas that may be left in the ground if climate policy ever were to sequester them, they call them potentially “stranded assets.” The investment banks that finance exploitation, drilling, fracking, and pipelines, see all forms of petroleum only as financial values once inserted into … More Stranded Assets and Planetary Liabilities