Has the Nation Gone Mad? Well, Sort Of…

What was once a routine celebratory national ritual—the inauguration of a new president—grows near, the political and cultural tensions grow evermore severe. Not only is the national Capitol subject to assault by a ragtag mob of self-appointed “patriotic” seditionists, incited by none other than the president himself. We are also unfortunate to observe the chaotic … More Has the Nation Gone Mad? Well, Sort Of…

Three Cheers for the “Deep State”

When I first heard “The Deep State” mentioned, it caught my attention. The possible implications of the term were many. Former senior analyst for Congress, Mike Lofgren had discussed it on Bill Moyers’ website, posted in 2014. As I mentioned in a 2018 blog post, “The Deeper Deep State,” Lofgren was apparently the first to use the … More Three Cheers for the “Deep State”

Trump’s Decline and Fall: Myth or Reality?

Here’s an interesting take on what some see as the imminent fall of the TV clown who would be Emperor, in the form of a phone conversation between Robert Reich and an unnamed former Republican congressman. ~ ~ ~ Robert Reich: The end is near for Trump Trump is a “dangerous menace.” By Robert Reich / AlterNet December … More Trump’s Decline and Fall: Myth or Reality?

The End of Authority

“I Am Part of the Resistance Inside the Trump Administration.”  ~  Anonymous When does authority end? Well, authority ends when people believe that it no longer exists. That is because authority is not a thing one possesses; authority is a relationship in which the members of a system acknowledge the holder of power as legitimate. Power … More The End of Authority

Can Community Transcend Tyranny and Chaos?

When American democracy was Trumped and the new president was inaugurated, I was deep in Mexico, steeped in cognitive dissonance and disorientation as I apprehensively looked toward that imaginary wall. No, Mexico has never disoriented me, rather, the essential features of this small town of 20,000 ordinary people helps me put world events in a … More Can Community Transcend Tyranny and Chaos?