The Warriors and the Cowardly Charlatan

Who sees the courage and sacrifice of the fallen Hero as foolish acts of a “loser” or a “sucker”?

Only the charlatan, the crook, the swindler, and the coward dismiss or deride the valor of which they are incapable.

The ordinary man or woman, whether fearful or brave, recognizes heroism for what it is. The dauntless acts of a hero arise from compassion for others and commitment to what s/he believes is right and good. The hero is morally impeccable.

That is why most people hold warriors and everyday heroes in high regard. They act in the interests of their fellow humans, not just for their own personal gain.

Standing in defense of all that is good and right, or defending the lives of others by risking one’s own life or limb, no matter the social standing of either, is the act of a hero.

Heroes Newly Recognized

Is it any wonder that so many Americans have developed a new respect for all those “essential workers” who the privileged had hardly even noticed before? Most folks already had a sense of the heroism of “first responders,” especially after 911.

Yet, so many workers who society valued at less than the insultingly low “minimum wage” have stepped up to serve everyone else at their own peril since the rise of the COVID-19 pandemic.

From the hospital orderly and retail servers and clerks to the dedicated nurses and otherwise privileged doctors, these folks’ selfless commitment puts an entirely new meaning to the idea of volunteerism. They have dedicated their lives to saving the lives of strangers.

Disrespect is No Leader

Many of the comfortable and well-off have had to reassess their disrespect for the many workers who routinely serve the fortunate and privileged. Working hard for long hours, they cannot walk away from their personal duty to labor in the interests of others.

How dare an incompetent bungler of inherited wealth, who has failed at every attempt at leadership, dodged every call to responsibility (think bone spur), and cheated for every dollar he has ever received, proclaim our fallen warriors “losers” and “suckers”? “What’s in it for them?” Self-respect, that’s what. And for the narcissistic sociopath, self-respect is as absent as is compassion for others.

A society that has lost its respect and compassion for those who valiantly contribute to the health of the people, the wellbeing of our communities, and security of the nation, cannot survive.

Happy Labor Day.

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